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About Steve's Boston Seafood

Steve's Boston Seafood is a unique seafood store that reminds you of good old-fashioned service. Steve Nikolis and his family have been serving top quality seafood since 1985. Steve handpicks all products, either at the market in Boston or off small trucks that deliver right to his store. Everything that is for sale has been cut, cleaned or made by a member of Steve's family. No shortcuts here - whole fish are filleted in-store, a process he believes provides the best quality for customers. Steve says "no one fillets fish anymore." He takes pride in doing it himself and ensures the freshest fish possible. If you visit the store, you will see him in his long boots and apron as he walks out from the back room to say hello. If you're looking to buy a better prawn, Steve offers only white shrimp from the Gulf of Mexico - you'll never see a black tiger shrimp, which are more of an ecological nuisance prone to communicable diseases. The family cooks the shrimp on-site and do not accept shrimp that are cooked and frozen and then thawed. All salads, stuffing, and ready to cook items are made on-site at Steve's. If you see it in the case, the family has put it together, using only the best ingredients. The story of how Steve's Boston Seafood came into existence is an interesting one. In 1985, Steve operated Somers Pizza. He had a tenant leave his building and he decided to open a fish store. Being from Greece, it may seem obvious that Steve worked with seafood as a youth - not so. Steve saw an opportunity to run a successful business selling fish and, being in his 30's, decided to "go for it." Fish was cheap back then and he decided he could learn the business and make it work. With a lot of determination and taking the ol' early bird and worm idea seriously, he would leave for Boston at 4:00am every Thursday to get the best and freshest fish that he could find. Now, being the "old salt" in the business, Steve gets a call from the docks and he is offered the best fish; and is able to leave at a more reasonable hour for pickup. Still, Steve selects each fish himself - each must meet his standards to end up in the case at Steve's Boston Seafood. Family is important at Steve's. Maria Dhembi, Steve's daughter, and her husband Niko help run the family business. They have the same passion for quality that Steve has. Everyone works hard no free rides, as the multitude of items and quest for excellence takes time. Maria moved to Greece fourteen years ago and came back with Niko in 2013 to propagate the passion her dad has for the family business. One of three girls, Maria is the only one that helps her dad run the fish market. When the two talk about the rest of the family (especially the grandchildren) there is a special kind of love that shows. It is a true testament to the spirit of Steve and Maria and the way they love what they do. Seafood is what Steve's Boston Seafood is all about, but there are more - Greek pastries, made on the premises, and a variety of Greek products, from Feta Cheese to imported delicatessens to enhance fresh catches. True to having a hand in all that they sell, Steve's sells high quality olive oil that is pressed from their own olive grove in Greece. The coolest thing you find at Steve's is the people - they are always ready with suggestions to make your seafood dish great . Whether you are cooking for 2 or 100, the expert staff will help bring your meal to fruition.

This article has been taken from GoLocal magazine Dec 2015 edition written by Doug Fabian, used with permission from Steve's Boston Seafood.